Not a primary school?

Due to changes in the Grow Your Own Potatoes project , we are unable to supply kits to bodies not teaching to the KS1 & 2 curriculum, including home educators, childminders, brownies, scout packs and other similar organisations.

With your help, the children in your care could still learn all about potatoes by following the How To section and information below:


Get Prepared

Seed potatoes - these are relatively inexpensive and once ‘chitted’ will grow in pretty much anything. Head to your local garden centre to find a variety that your children would enjoy growing. We recommend you have 3 seed potatoes per bag or bucket.

Grow bags - If you still have your bags from last year’s project could be recycled and used again or they can be bought at the following outlets, just search potato grow bags or visit Amazon or In the Garden Shed.

Egg box - this is to help chit your potatoes.

Soil or Compost - we recommend half fill for potato grow bag or bucket to produce a healthy crop.