About GYOP

About the project

Launched in 2005, Grow Your Own Potatoes (GYOP) was one of the first primary school based growing projects. Since then, it has become the largest of its kind with over 5 million children taking part in learning where potatoes come from, how they grow and the health benefits. The straightforward and hands-on nature of the GYOP project makes it perfect for young pupils.

Schools that register to take part (before the end of January) receive a FREE growing kit containing everything they need, to grow a successful crop.

Watch this video and see how Nancy Reuben Primary School managed to achieve 1830g of Jazzy to be crowned South East regional winners for 2019!


Registrations are now CLOSED for  Grow Your Own Potatoes 2021   


Full details of the 2021 competition and prizes to follow









Free Pack

Your 2021 growing kit will include:

  • Instruction leaflet, including classroom poster with key dates
  • Details of the NEW Block of Work
  • 2 x nets of seed potatoes (national and regional)
  • 2 x HADO grow-bags
  • Chitting tray- you will find this built into the lid of your box

Using your chitting tray: Simply pull open the tray and remove the contents. Fold the tray back into place and support it with the small tab at the back of the box. Pop out the seven round disks in your tray and rest your seed potatoes on top making sure the chits are facing up. Remove the outer lid along the perforation.

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National & regional partners

Each year, the seed potatoes grown as part of the GYOP project are supplied free of charge by the potato industry and for this we are very grateful.

Every school taking part in GYOP receives two varieties: one for the national competition and then a second variety, depending where your school is for the region competition. This year CASABLANCA will replace the national variety grown by all schools.

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Not a primary school?

Due to changes in the GYOP project, we are unable to supply kits to bodies not teaching the KS1 and 2 curriculum, including home educators, childminders, brownies, scout packs and other similar organisations.

With your help, the children in your care could still learn all about potatoes by following the key dates and information.

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